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Love Moschino – Italian Fashion House

Feb 23, 2022Fashion0 commenti

Founded in 1983 by Franco Moschino, the Italian fashion house Moschino is known for its eccentric, daring designs, exploration of color and creativity, and its notorious pop culture references. 

A rebel from the start, Moschino has created a unique brand image by continually reinventing itself and giving life to a completely innovative way of understanding fashion for men and women. Known for its bright, flashy, and exaggerated materials, Moschino does not shy away from experimenting with breaking the rules of fashion.

Created in 2008, Love Moschino branches off as a playful, colorful, and chic line from its parent brand Moschino. Focusing on the values of “love,” Love Moschino continues to embody the creative and playful image of Moschino while highlighting the importance of empathy and feeling. 

With a lower price point than its parent Moschino couture line, Love Moschino allows everyone to express themselves creatively and push the boundaries of typical designer fashion. Known for its pop art prints, heart, gold chains, and bright colors, Love Moschino can be recognized all over the world for its stunning, one-of-a-kind designs. 

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