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The Clothing Brand with the Paw – Oji Italia

Feb 23, 2021Fashion0 commenti

The OJI brand was created in 2014 by two siblings, Simone and Veronica De Luca. Originating in Prato, OJI aims to bring innovation, joy, and fun to fashion. 

Inspired by their childhood hero, OJI was the name of the owners’ childhood dog and inspiration for the brand. After 10 years together with his family, OJI may not be with them any longer, but he has left behind a permanent gift for the world: his paw. 

OJI was born from the love and belief in the ability to bring people together. The brand aims to stand out by bringing innovation, joy, and fun to the experience of clothing. With unique designs and collections showcasing the brand’s individuality, OJI continues to grow and change throughout the years. With humble beginnings in Prato, OJI now features several different collections focusing on social issues, football, and more. The wide range of designs has attracted international attention, and OJI has expanded to countries all over the world. 

Two siblings making the courageous choice to pursue OJI is a testament to the power of believing in one’s dreams, and family coming together to achieve important goals. OJI takes pride in its work and growth while keeping in mind to preserve the value of humility. 

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