RH45 is a British Brand loved for its original prints luxury fabrics and manufacturing based in Milan. This label is the latest and cool designer label in the fashion luxury unconventional brand name. Its exclusive menswear brand style, created and designed for young men with people rebellious spirit. Inspired by chaotic streets of London urban.

The brand exists from 2013 by Joshua Lanyon when released the first collection mans that to following that have a great success immediately.

The product is a good combination of refined Italian tailoring and multi/layered artisanal techniques. The excellent materials like finest pure cotton soft to the touch, soft leather, chunky zips.

Prints characterizes the label of the collections with evocative image, that put in attention the mood of the brand.

The range products of brand is influences by sportswear clothing T-shirt hoodies, pants jackets and shoes. It is a mix of Italian craftsmanship worldwide urban style modern and cool premium fabrics with a distinctive hippy/urban DNA.