The brand is for young people who are dynamic and full of energy and to develop their personality and spooky, urban and modern rock.

The company has recently positioned the brand in Italy not only for the appreciation of quality, but because they use Italian fabrics and rely on the positioning of to a famous Italian showroom.

Inspiration spring summer collection 18? from pop culture to an ancient Chinese tribe, known for its devotion to beauty, building garments with architectural volumes and strong, elegant, protagonist shades.

So, the focus of collection is the themes dear to KAM for palettes ranging from blue to white and to black and mythological figures, quotes from distant lands, such as the dragon and the snake, all very contemporary symbols today.

Central, in the philosophy of the brand, in the theme of the wolf, in all its noble and proud essence.

The choice of the wolf image, is because in China, this animal is associated with the nobility and essence of every man. Hence also the name Wolf Totem.